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Meet Jimmy French Staffy!

Updated: May 20, 2020

Jimmy is a unique little puppy for a number of reasons. He is born of the unique combination of Staffordshire Bull terrier and French Bulldog parents and is one of 3 puppies in a litter. His older brother and sister are much bigger but that hasn't stopped his enthusiasm for life and food. Jimmy was also born with a “harelip”. This is a mild form of the congenital developmental disorder known as cleft palate where the two sides of the nose and mouth tissue don't fuse along the midline.

He was brought in for us to assess as a newborn. Despite his harelip he seemed fine. Jimmy's main problem was going to be an inability to suckle properly from his mother. Lucky Jimmy was born into a caring family who were determined to give him the best start possible. They started supplemental feeding with a bottle from day one and he hasn't looked back. The photo shows him at 5 weeks old, seriously cute and thriving although he is about two thirds the size of his siblings.

His harelip can be surgically repaired. As long as he continues to thrive, I would suggest leaving this until all his adult teeth have fully emerged. This usually happens around 6 months of age.

He has taken to solid food early and this should only make things easier for him from now on. It is hoped Jimmy will find a loving family and his harelip can be repaired in the near future.

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