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Dental Disease - Does your Pet have it?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Does your pet have dental disease? The answer is more than likely yes! Or at least they will have a some stage in their life!

Dental disease in our pets is something that often goes unnoticed until its a significant problem.

Did you know its not considered normal for our pets to have bad breath?

Instead its often an indicator that there is a problem with your pets dental health. Whether it be a build up of bacteria laden plaque and tartar an infected tooth or gingavitis. These are all conditions that not only impact on oral health they can also cause detrimental effects to your pets kidneys, heart and metabolic systems.

Regular dental check ups are able to make dental disease both preventable and manageable.

During the month of July here at Northern Illawarra Veterinary Hospital we are offering free dental check ups with $90 off any dental procedure.

To book your free dental check please call us on 02 42388575

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