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Bravecto - Tick and Flea Prevention for Cats

Updated: May 20, 2020

Bravecto is the first long lasting spot-on protection against paralysis ticks and fleas for cats.

Preventing fleas for up to 3 months and protection from paralysis ticks for 3 months.

Flea Prevention

Fleas can be a nightmare not just for your cat but for the whole family. A single spot-on treatment every 3 months will keep fleas at bay.

Paralysis Tick Prevention

Paralysis ticks can be deadly. Bravecto spot-on can now safely protect your cat for 3 months.


Being a spot-on product its is a simple as parting the fur near the base of the skull (to prevent the cat from licking the wet product) and applying directly to the skin. In cats less than 6.25kg apply in one spot for cats over 6.25kg apply in two spots

Bravecto's new Twist & Use tubes makes it easier than ever to treat your pet.


Bravecto is safe to use on kittens over 11 weeks of age weighing at least 1.2kg

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