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Going On Holidays? Wondering who should look after your pets while you're away?

Updated: May 20, 2020

With holidays drawing nearer when planning for your trip away whether it be a week overseas or weekend down the coast the question is often asked who should take care of my pets whilst I'm away? What are the options?

Once upon a time the options were either a boarding kennel or a helpful neighbor. However these days the options for pet care are wide and varied and it very much depends on what you feel is best for your pets.

In Home Pet Care

This is often a good option for pets who may be anxious and are more comfortable in their own surroundings. It's also a good option for multi pet households who would otherwise need to be separated.

In home pet care usually involves a trusted person, either a professional, or a friend or neighbor coming to the house to feed, water and walk or play with pets on a daily or twice daily basis.

Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is much like in home care except the care provider will reside in the house whilst you are away.

Boarding Kennels

Boarding kennels are excellent for pets who need to be contained (think canine escapees and indoor only cats)or whose owners have gone away for a longer period of time.

Boarding kennels usually provide pets with a secure kennel, food and exercise for the duration of their stay.

Just remember pets will need to have their vaccinations up to date before going into boarding.

Veterinary Hospital

Some veterinary hospitals also provide boarding. Ideal for pets who are elderly, unwell or require medication.

Boarding in a veterinary hospital comes with the benefit of immediate veterinary attention if required and usually care is provided by nurses who are able to administer any required medications.

Some local care options

Scruffys Butler - www.scruffysbutler.com.au

Tobys Tribe - facebook.com/tobystribepetsitting

Tabby & Pooch - www.tabbyandpooch.com.au

Mad Mutt Motel - madmuttmotel@bigpond.com

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