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Happy as a Larry

Larry, a 13 year old cocker spaniel, recently visited the clinic as his owner noticed he had stinky breath. Although Larry had a dental scale and polish 18 months ago, with a few rotten teeth removed, when he presented to the clinic it was evident that Larry’s dental disease had progressed which was causing his stinky breath.

Dental disease is prevalent in 80% of dogs over the age of 3 years. Untreated dental disease can cause infection, pain and discomfort to the pet giving them a decreased quality of life. The key to managing dental disease is early detection with regular dental checks and use of home care which can be discussed with your vet.

Larry had all his teeth checked whilst under anaesthetic and we also performed dental x-rays which enabled us to see the true extent of the dental disease. Unfortunately Larry had extensive dental disease and as a result had to lose a few teeth.

A week after his dental, when Larry came back for a check up, his mouth was healing wonderfully and he was feeling so much better. His owner was pleased his stinky breath had now gone and Larry was no longer in pain. After speaking with Dr Matt, Larry now has a preventative home care plan which involves daily teeth cleaning (please speak with one of our nurses or vets for advice on tooth brushing) and an additive (Oxyfresh) in his water daily. Other preventative measures he could try include dental chews such as Oravet which decrease the plaque on the tooth's surface when chewed.

For further information speak to one of the NIVH team who can advise you on what is best for your pet's dental health.