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Jed's Paralysis Tick Hitchhiker

Jed recently came to us at NIVH after his owner found a tick on his shoulder. His owner had noticed that he was wobbly on his hind limbs, struggling to walk without support and had also regurgitated his dinner the night before. On admittance to the hospital, Dr Lisa gave Jed a thorough check over and found he was also unable to swallow and his breathing was compromised. A thorough tick search was undertaken to check that there were no further ticks attached to his body. Fortunately Jed's owner was quick to act when he found the tick, recognising the symptoms and bringing him into the clinic straight away. Jed was placed onto fluids and given tick anti-serum, along with other medications to aid his recovery. It is really important to start treatment asap if tick paralysis is suspected.

Ticks can sometimes be attached at quite obvious locations like the shoulder, as in Jed's case, which mean they are fairly easy to find. They can however also easily hide in thick or long hair, between folds of skin, under the lips, in the ears and in other generally hard to reach places that an owner would not routinely look. Lucky for Jed he is also a short haired dog!

The best prevention for tick paralysis is using preventative treatments such as Bravecto, Nexgard or Revolution Plus, as well as doing a daily tick search of your pet. Keeping your pet's hair short during the warmer months will also help you to spot any ticks which may become attached to your pet. If you are unsure if your pet is up to date with tick prevention, or would like some guidance on the best product suited to your pet, please feel free to give us a call on (02)42 388 575. If you do however find a tick on your pet please contact the clinic asap for medical advice.

We are pleased to report that Jed has made a full recovery and is doing great at home back with his family. You can find out more about ticks and how they can affect your pet in the Pet Health section of our website here! .


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