• Northern Illawarra Veterinary Hospital

Pearl's breath of fresh air

Recently gorgeous Pearl came in for her desexing procedure. Prior to booking in for her surgery it was discussed with Pearl's family a condition often seen in 'squishy-nosed' dog breeds, such as French bull dogs, Boxers, Pugs and British bull dogs. This condition is called Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS). The word ‘Brachycephalic’ comes from Greek roots ‘brachy’, meaning short and ‘cephalic’, meaning head. Brachycephalic breeds are bred to have a smaller upper jaw/head in comparison with the rest of their body which can result in a compromised respiratory system. They will often have noisy breathing caused by anatomical obstructions such as narrowed nostrils, enlarged tongues and long soft palates.

On assessment Pearl had very small nasal openings which were making it difficult for her to breathe, especially with her mouth closed. It was advised that at the time of Pearl's desexing procedure she should also have her nostrils widened which would allow her to breathe more freely. You can see from the before and after pictures the size difference of Pearl's nostrils and how much easier it now is for pearl to breathe through her nose!

Pearl is now home, doing great and snoring a lot less than she used to do! She will now find breathing much easier and able to deal with exertion, heat and general daily activities with a less breathing difficulty. We love you Pearl!