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Hercules and his arthritis!

Hercules is a 12 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who visits our clinic to help control his arthritis symptoms. He has been visiting NIVH since 2019 when he was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in several of his joints and was prescribed monthly arthritis injections.

Hercules' owner suspected there was something wrong when he started to slow down on his walks, he seemed a bit stiff after resting for a while and he could no longer walk as far as previously. Hercules has regular check ups with our vets, but he loves his monthly "date" with his favourite nurses when he gets his arthritis shot and some treats!! Hercules' owner reports she has seen an improvement in his arthritis symptoms with the monthly arthritis injections.

As well as his monthly injections, Hercules is also on Antinol rapid, which is a daily supplement which acts as a natural anti inflammatory. It is made from Marine lipid oils that are fully traceable, sustainably sourced and free from preservatives and fillers. Additionally Hercules is on a low fat diet to keep him trim which ensures undue stress is not put on his already painful joints.

Hercules also attends monthly hydrotherapy sessions at a canine rehabilitation clinic which he thoroughly enjoys! This allows Hercules to exercise with decreased weight bearing on his joints and also increases the joint range of motion due to the buoyancy of the water. The resistance of walking in the water also increases strengthening of the muscles, and the hydrostatic pressure of the water on the joints aids in decreasing inflammation and increasing drainage of the lymphatic system. The hydrotherapy keeps him strong which means he is more capable of doing his daily walks with his mum on the beach which he loves!

The above management of Hercules' arthritis is enough to keep his pain at bay and gives him a better quality of life, and he does not need additional medication to manage his symptoms at present. NIVH loves to support our older patients on their journey to become a senior!


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