• Northern Illawarra Veterinary Hospital

Oogie's Octuplets

Oogie is a 2 year old Staffy X Dachshund who had a pregnancy X-ray with us last week to determine how many pups she was carrying. From an X-ray it is often hard to tell the exact amount of pups the mother is carrying but we try to estimate based on the visible spines - as you can see it is often hard to tell where one pup starts and one pup ends! We estimated 7 babies from Oogie's radiograph at that time.

We were very pleased to announce then that Oogie had 8 healthy pups the following Saturday morning...3 girls and 5 boys! Oogie has taken motherhood in her stride and is being the most wonderful nurturing mum as we knew she would be. Congratulations Oogie and family, we can't wait to see your beautiful pups in the clinic!

Try and see if you can see all 8 puppies on the radiograph below....see how much space those little cuties take up in their Mum's tummy!

All the best Oogie and babies!