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Ricky Bobby bit off a bit more than he could chew!

Ricky Bobby is a gorgeous one-year-old pup who visited the clinic after he had a bout of vomiting and tummy pain. That Ricky Bobby had eaten something he shouldn't have was top of the list of causes for his symptoms. However initial X-Rays did not show any foreign object and after a few days of a bland diet Ricky Bobby was back to his usual cheeky self!

Unfortunately however, Ricky Bobby had a further bout of vomiting and after a visit to Dr Matt it was decided to investigate further. Dr Matt could now feel a palpable mass in Ricky Bobby's abdomen so it was decided to take a look inside using a procedure called an exploratory laparotomy (AKA 'ex lap'). This procedure allows the vet to visualise the internal organs and to identify any abnormalities. Dr Matt was quick to identify the issue....Ricky Bobby did have a foreign body in his bowel causing an obstruction.

Our nurses then investigated what the foreign body could be! At first it was believed to possibly be a chewed up tennis ball! However on closer inspection by the whole team the mystery was solved - the foreign body in question was in fact a sea tulip! Ricky Bobby's owner believed he found it on the beach and that the cheeky pup had eaten it whole! As it was unable to pass all the way through the intestines it caused a blockage making Ricky Bobby vomit and feel quite unwell.

Luckily the foreign body hadn't caused any lasting damage and Ricky Bobby is back at home with his family under strict instruction to eat no more sea tulips when he visits the beach!!


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