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Keeping Your Pet Safe on Halloween

Updated: May 20, 2020

Halloween can be super fun for us but there a simple steps we can take to ensure our pets are safe and stress free.

Lock Up the Treats

Keep the treats out of reach of cats and dogs!

Many Halloween treats are potientally toxic to pets. Chocolate especially dark chocolate is highly toxic to dogs as is the sugar substitute xylitol often found in sugar free lollies and some peanut butters.

If you think your pet has ingested something toxic please call us on 42388575

Keep An Eye On Pets Around Decorations

Ensure pets are unable to chew on or ingest decorations placed out for Halloween.

Be Careful with Costumes

Some pets may not be happy wearing a Halloween costume no matter how cute they look!

So if you plan on dressing up your pet be sure they are comfortable can move freely and it's not causing any undue stress to them. Also remember to consider the fact they could potientally over heat when dressed in a costume.

If you put your pet in a costume and they appear uncomfortable distressed or are showing abnormal behaviour consider ditching the costume and perhaps try a bandana or nothing at all.

Keep Pets Calm and Contained

Halloween can bring a flurry of visitors to your door which may be stressful or scary for some pets. If your cat or dog is not overly social make a space where they can be separated from the crazy that is Halloween.

Also ensure pets don't dart out through an open door or gate. Its a good time to make sure that they are easily identified should they escape. Check ID tags and microchip details so that if they do get lose they are able to be returned to you easily

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