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How much food does my pet actually need?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Ever wondered how to know if you are feeding your pet the right amount?

Concerned that the recommended amount looks pitifully small?

Follow these simple steps to knowing just how much your pet requires to maintain optimum health.

Know your dogs weight

Drop into the clinic to get a current accurate weight of your pet.

Decide with the help of veterinary staff whether your pets current weight is ideal or not

Choose a food appropriate for your pet

There are many pet foods out there that are specific to current life stage and health conditions.

Choose one that is appropriate for example if your pet is overweight choose a weight reducing diet.

Talking to a vet or nurse can assist in choosing the right one for your pet.

Work out the correct amount to feed

Most quality pet foods will provided feeding recommendations on their packaging. These recommendations usually are made based on the pets weight.

Use the same measuring vessel

Some feeding guides are given in grams some in cups. If you are weighing out food remember to weigh the vessel you are using and deduct from total weight and use the same vessel every time.

If you are going by cup measurements, measure accurately by using the same cup each time.

Some pet food companies provide measuring devices with their food. In which case that would be the most accurate way to measure that particular food.

Remember to recalculate each time you change food or measuring vessels.

Feed your pet

Feed your pet the recommended amount! If you feed you pet multiple times a day remember to divide the recommended amount by the number of times you feed your pet daily.

Every little bit counts

If you supplement you pets diet with treats, remember they also count as food intake so if you are trying maintain a healthy weight or attempting a weight loss program for your pet adjust food accordingly

Ask Us

If you are confused about the multitude of pet foods out there, aren't sure which food is right for your pet, need help tailoring a feeding regime for your pet feel free to ask us. We would be more than happy to help!

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